Register My Athlete Instructions

Instructions For Parents

(Oct 9, 2020)

Register My Athlete allows parents to register their student-athletes for sports online. Here are some basic steps to follow when registering your athlete for the first time:

1. Create an Account/Log In: Go to  and click Login. Then click Create Account. If you already have an account, just log in with your email/username and password. Now that you are logged in, click on the Parent access portal.

2. Start a Registration: To start a registration, click on Start/Complete Registrations on the left-hand side, then select Click Here to Start New Registration. The first step will be to select your school and athlete. If this is your first registration, you will need to add a new athlete. If you have already added the athlete, you will have the option to select a previously added athlete.

3. Select Year and Sport: The next step prompts you to select the year as well as the sport the athlete will be participating in. Once this section has been submitted, any information up to this point will not be able to be changed. Please review the information carefully before submitting it.

4. Your Registration Checklist: This page shows the status of your athlete’s registration. You will be asked to complete several steps to register. These include updating information such as medical, insurance, guardian info, and completing the School Questionnaire to determine eligibility and whether a transfer is necessary. **9th Graders-If you are an MVHS boundary student who will be attending MVHS as a 10th grader please select you have always attended MVHS. That way the system doesn’t incorrectly think you are a transfer.

5. School Requirements: This section is where documents will be read and agreed to, legally binding E-Signatures will be completed, and physicals will be uploaded. Once this section is complete, the registration is complete. Any requirements here that require the parent to upload a document will also require that the school’s athletic administration approve the document, so please do not be alarmed if the status is Pending School Approval.

6. Physical Exam: The UHSAA requires physical exams annually. Parents may download the appropriate physical form from the previously mentioned School Requirements section of the site. This form needs to be filled out by a physician and then either uploaded or turned in to the school’s athletic administration in person.

7. Complete Registration: Your registration is complete once all items on the checklist have been completed.

Additional Athletes: If you have additional student-athletes to register, you can start a new registration and add them as an athlete. Once you add them, they will be available to select next time.

Future Seasons & Years: For future years, once your athlete has been added to your account you only need to start a new registration and select them as the athlete. This should speed up the process.

MVHS RMA & RMC Participation Clearance Policies


Students are required to complete Register My Athlete (RMA.) RMA includes an updated physical in order to participate in athletics at MVHS. Students have one week from the first day of official practice for non-cut sports or one week from the end of tryouts for cut-sports to have their RMA complete. Athletes will not be able to participate in practices or competitions if their RMA is not completed by the end of the grace period.


Coaches are required to complete Register My Coach (RMC.) RMC includes a cleared background check with the Alpine School District in order to have any contact with MVHS students. Coaches will not be allowed to coach athletes at all without this cleared background check. Coaches have one week from the start of official practice for non-cut sports or one week from the end of tryouts for cut-sports to have their RMC complete. Coaches will not be able to participate in coaching their athletes if their RMC is not completed by the end of the grace period.