Dance Fine Arts · A successful and artistic first dance concert!



National Honors Society in Dance (Our UVU Concurrent Enrollment Class)

Orchesis performing a contemporary dance piece called “Of One Breath” choreographed by a guest artist, Adrienne Clark Whitworth
A duet performed and choreographed by Madeline Bramble and Kaylee Strong called “We Gave our Today”
Ballroom Team in Olivia Holyoak’s chacha dance called “Heartbeat”

The Mountain View Dance Department involves many teams and classes that are growing!!! The Christmas Concert on December 4th and 7th was a reflection of talent and love for the dance art form. Shout out to Bronte Hopkins the new dance company directer!!! She has taken over Orchesis, Ballroom Team, and all other dance classes. Our coaches and team members have worked hard and danced their hearts out for this performance! Way to represent Mountain View!!!

-Olivia Holyoak, ballroom president