Multiple Teams · Aug. 3: Physical Night at Dr. Gordon’s office

Mountain View athletes who need a physical for the upcoming school year can go to the ‘Physical Night’ at Dr. Gordon’s office in Provo. It will be on Monday, Aug. 3 from 5-6 p.m. Physicals will cost $25. All money from the night will be donated back to Mountain View High School Athletics. Covid-19 protocols call for a strict following of the below procedures.

  1. Athlete prints and completes page 2 & 4 (Consent Form & Medical History) and athlete information of page 3 of the physical form found here
  2. Athlete arrives at 1157 N 300 W, Provo, UT (right across the street from Kneaders)
  3. Athlete calls or texts their athletic trainer that they have arrived. Our athletic trainer is Cameron Hein and his number is 385-204-6089
  4. The athletic trainer acknowledges their arrival.  COVID-19 screening questions are asked.  If the athlete passes with low risk for COVID-19, they will be placed on a list. (One guardian can come into the building with their student after also answering COVID-19 questions.)
  5. When a Blood Pressure station is open, the ATC contacts the next athlete on the list and advises them to enter the building, paying any fees to their school official collecting fees at the door (card preferred or exact cash accepted.) Everyone entering the building MUST WEAR A MASK!
  6. The athlete will be directed to BP, vision screen, and then to a patient room.
  7. The athlete will depart once done with their physical.