Girls Varsity Track, Varsity Track & Field · Senior spotlight on Fiona Ambrose, track & field athlete

Mountain View High School celebrates Fiona Ambrose, a senior, and Track & Field Athlete. Below is the information that would have been shared as a part of a final home meet and senior recognition activity.

Athlete Name: Fiona Ambrose 

Sport(s): Cross Country, Track & Field

Parents: Rick and Cathy Ambrose 

Plans after high school: Attending BYU to study Exercise Science and serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Favorite Quote: The mind gives you thousands of ways to say no, but there’s only one way to say yes, and that’s from the heart. 

A lesson you’ve learned from your sport: You get what you put into it, even while you are recovering from bilateral leg surgery and in a wheelchair. There is always something you can put into it, even if it is simply supporting your teammates from the sidelines.

Who is your hero and why?: Erica Birk Jarvis. She is a BYU NCAA All American Cross-Country and Track and Field athlete and lives on my street. She is an athlete, a student, a wife, a mother, and a very kind person. Everything I would like to be.

Favorite college/professional team and/or player from your sport: BYU – they are #1 NCAA men’s XC team. Women are #2.

Funny or best moment from your sport: Cross-Country camp is always the highlight of each year. I can’t single it down to just one event. 

Message for future participants of your sport: Running is a sport that tests yourself in many ways: emotional, physical, and intellectual. If you look to find ways to grow from these challenges, you will be a winner. If you let them control you and beat you down, then you will never win. 

Relevant stats of your playing at MVHS (batting avg, score, record, etc.) 3 Mile PR: 20:47 5000 meters PR: 21:09:3 

How many years have you participated in the sport:

How many years have you done the sport at MVHS:

How many years have you earned a varsity letter in this sport: 0-Didn’t happen. This spring was my shot. I missed my junior year because I had bilateral leg surgery to solve a structural problem that was causing me to have reoccurring stress fractures – which is why I missed my sophomore season. I was on the tail-end of my recovery just in time to go for it this spring. However, my love of running isn’t based on letters. It’s based on a great coach, amazing teammates, and my own goals. 

What other sports activities do you do at MVHS: Do you mean like attending games? I love being a Bruin Crazy. I also am a volunteer coach for Orem City Track Club – it’s not Mountain View’s, but it’s held at MV. 

Favorite teacher at MVHS and why: Only one???? I LOVE all my teachers and appreciate all the work and effort they put into teaching me! 

Any other information you would like included in your senior spotlight article: I want to thank everyone at Mountain View who make student athletics possible. Sports are as important to the high school experience as math and music. Mountain View is a unique school that I believe is successfully inclusive of everyone, even in sports. That matters! Thank you! 


Check our website regularly as we attempt to highlight each of our seniors who play spring sports. Their dedication to their sport and contribution to the Mountain View High School community has not gone unnoticed despite unusual circumstances. Mountain View coaches and administration send their best wishes to each of these seniors in their future endeavors.

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