Multiple Teams · Senior spotlight on Dax Steggell, baseball player

Mountain View High School celebrates Dax Steggell, a senior, and Varsity Baseball player. Below is the information that would have been shared as a part of a final home game and senior recognition activity.

Parents: Shad and Em Steggell
Plans after high school: Going on a mission, attending music school as a jazz pianist at Snow College, and hoping to end up in medical school.
Favorite Quote: “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” -Jackie Robinson.
“Every day I thank the Good Lord he made me a Yankee.” -Joe DiMaggio.
A lesson you’ve learned from your sport: Baseball is like life. You mess up. You fall. You score. You win. You lose. You get back up, and you play even harder.
Who is your hero and why?: Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus, who was a Roman statesman, was twice called to be the dictator in a time of crisis and war. Upon restoring peace, Cincinnatus returned home to his farm, giving up his power. I admire his valor, humility, and response to the call of duty.
Favorite college/professional team and/or player from your sport: Yankees and anyone who plays the Red Sox.
Funny or best moment from your sport: Best-Once upon a time, sophomore year, we were beating the Hillcrest baseball team to smithereens.
Funny- Coach Carlson called me up to bat at the tail-end of the game, where I hit what would have been a single had I not slipped on home plate and face-planted into the dirt. Let’s not forget this incident was put on TV by a local station.
Message for future participants of your sport: Remember where you come from. Remember why you’re here. Remember who you are. Don’t trip.

Relevant stats of your playing at MVHS (batting avg, score, record, etc.)
Senior Year-Batting average: .462
On-base percentage: .533
Putouts: 9
4-year letterman
How many years have you participated in sport: 7 years.
What other sports activities do you do at MVHS: I also played ultimate frisbee back when MV and PG shared a team roster.
Favorite teacher at MVHS and why: Mr. Bowman who gave me the means and experience to learn to love all music, especially jazz. He’s a fantastic teacher who puts his heart into his work for us students.
Any other information you would like included in your senior spotlight article: I may or may not have an irrational fear of snails and slugs. Also when I was 14, I fouled a ball off so hard that it broke my cheek into at least 18 countable pieces and I had 2 surgeries to repair what I had done.


Check our website regularly as we attempt to highlight each of our seniors who play spring sports. Their dedication to their sport and contribution to the Mountain View High School community has not gone unnoticed despite unusual circumstances. Mountain View coaches and administration send their best wishes to each of these seniors in their future endeavors.

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