Boys Olympic Weight Training · MVHS Student Tanner Harward qualifies for Weightlifting Jr. Nationals

On Saturday December 14th Tanner Harward, a senior at MVHS, qualified for the US Junior National Olympic Weightlifting Meet. Olympic weightlifting involves two lifts; snatch and clean & jerk. The weight lifted from both of these lifts is combined to create an athletes Total. The Total is then used for qualifying or placing at meets. Tanner competes in the 67 kg (147.4 lbs) weight class. The qualifying Total weight for the male 67 kg class at Junior Nationals is 183 kg (402.6 lbs.) Tanner lifted 90 kg in the snatch, and 118 kg in the clean & jerk for a total of 208 kg (457.6 lbs.)  Tanner has taken many weightlifting classes at MVHS and is currently enrolled in an advanced weightlifting class that focuses on improving power and speed through the use of Olympic lifts, sprints, and jumps. This class is taught by Coach Blanchard, a USA Weightlifting Level 1 certified coach. It should be noted that Tanner has done additional training at various Crossfit boxes over that last five years.

When asked about how weightlifting has changed his life Tanner said,” It has given me more confidence. If I am having a bad day it gives me direction and I feel like everything is going to be alright.” Coach Blevins added his thoughts, “Tanner Harward has changed the culture of Olympic lifting at Mountain View. Students watch him throw incredible amounts of weight into the air and catch it successfully,” which makes students want to improve and be better. Coach Blevins continued, “We are honored that Tanner is a bruin and we will be cheering for him at the US Nationals.”

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