Coed Junior Varsity Swimming, Coed Varsity Swimming · Mountain View High School Coed Varsity Swimming finishes 1st place

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

3:00 PM





Meet Recap

Mountain View High School’s swim team swam in their second meet of the season this afternoon as they went up against TImpanogos High School and Karl G. Maeser Prep Academy.

The Bruins redeemed themselves after last week’s second place by dominating the other teams. The final scores being Mountain View 737, Timpanogos 375, and Maeser 173. This is not a bad start to a three meet week.

The highlights for Bruins Swimming being the following races, all of which were Personal Records, some of which were time drops from last week’s meet: Jessie Moore’s 200 Freestyle with a 4.53 second drop; Tanner Harmon’s 200 Freestyle with an even 1 second drop; Dane Christensen’s 200 IM with a .35 second drop; Ella Beeton’s 50 Freestyle with a .78 second drop; Hailey Larson’s 50 Freestyle with a 1.09 second drop; Megan Toleman’s 50 Freestyle with a .19 second drop; Amber Rasmussen’s 50 Freestyle with a 2.03 second drop; Jacen Thompson’s 50 Freestyle with a 1.51 second drop; Ella Beeton’s 100 Freestyle with a 3.51 second drop; Andi Quinn’s 100 Freestyle with a 4.64 second drop; Megan Toleman’s 100 Freestyle with a .83 second drop; Amber Rasmussen’s 100 Freestyle with a 8.73 second drop; Ethan Coleman’s 100 Freestyle with a 2.51 second drop; Hunter Reynolds’s 100 Freestyle with a 4.37 second drop; Spencer Faragher’s 500 Freestyle with a 1.24 second drop; Spencer Faragher’s 100 Backstroke with a .37 second drop; Hailey Larson 100 Breaststroke with a .57 second drop; and Andi Quinn’s 100 Breasststroke with a 1.34 second drop.

Where all of those were incredible races the event that stood out the most was the Men’s 500 Freestyle. In it captain Anson Wood (JR) dropped 10.49 seconds finally breaking past the six minute mark by going a PR of 5:52.43. However, he was blown out of the water by the surprising breakout phenomenon that was freshman Cannon Shumway. In his first ever time racing the event, Shumway went a shocking 5:41.10.

The Bruin Swim Team will be racing in their second meet of the week on Friday. They will face off against Uintah High School in their second region meet of the year.


School Place Points
Mountain View High School
Timpanogos High School
Karl G Maeser Prep Academy